True Utility Clip Stylus Pen

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Decently made and handy pen /stylus combo.

Notes: Designed  s a collapsable stylus and pen combo so you can use it on a smartphone, PDA, or the old fashioned way with a piece of paper.

Appearance: Attractive black and steel look to it. Small snap with wire gate at one end and stylus nub at the other.When you pull the stylus end the pen telescopes with two pieces of  non reflective stainless steel to standard pen size for ease of use. If you pull on the snap end ( or leave it attached to your keying or gear) it exposes the black ink ball point pen. Looks a little like a mini ASP baton overall

First Impression: Decently made with no sharp edges and easy to open. Relatively discrete size and lightweight, easy to use snap clip.

Directions and InstructionsSmall ( hard to find) graphic of how to replace pen cartridge (unscrew the tip btw)

Testing: Easy to use, stylus seems to work well.

Other: As with all the other True Utility products this piece comes in a reusable weatherproof case which is handy to put other items in to keep them organized such as charging cable or spare batteries. Beat using ziplocs or condoms !

Final Thoughts: Not a bad little addition to your keyring or gear cluster. While not the most heavy duty of pens/stylus the quality is decent and fair for what you are paying. More for an urban environment than a serious trek, it is handy and useful.


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