Tumblin’Dice Straight Rye Whiskey Curated Small Batch Barrel Proof 116.4 Proof

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  • Value: 9
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Proof: 116.4 (58.4%)
Age: 8 Years Old
Price: $79.99 700 ML
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This is not your fathers rye, maybe not even your grandfathers rye depending on their age. This is your great grandfathers pre-Prohibition full on rye.
I’d hold this up against almost any other rye out there and NO ONE gives that much quality for the money. Love to see an older version of this come out.

Notes: Tumblin Dice Straight Rye Whiskey is a brand created by Proof and Wood Ventures and part of their Tumblin’ Dice brand. The other bottlings in the series include a Straight Bourbon,  and other bourbons and ryes of various ages. The whiskies go in and out of availability as they are small production runs of particular bottlings, so it is best to keep your eye out for them as they appear.
IMHO, Proof and Wood have proven that you can be a top-shelf blender and bottler of many different spirits ( but a specialty in both whiskey and rum) as they have consistently brought high-quality yet low- to moderately priced spirits to market over the last 20 years or so.

This whiskey is from a small-batch blending of 8-year-old high rye (95% Rye and 5% Barley) from MGP. As a side note, this is one of the highest-rye whiskeys you can buy. Rye is an expensive and idiosyncratic grain that is a major pain to ferment and distill. Many “Rye” whiskeys—especially the mass-market ones—use the legal minimum of rye ( 51%) or slightly higher to make a cheaper and much less distinctive whiskey closer to a bourbon in character.

Granted, MGP is one of the largest spirits producers in the nation, but Proof and Wood shines in its ability to sort and source some of the tastiest barrels among the thousands of barrels available from MGP and consistently produce great bottles of low-priced and very solid whiskies—which is the real trick when it comes to blending, especially consistently.

Appearance: Clear, gold starting to mature to red- especially in the bottle- in the glass deep maple syrup amber. On swirling, it leaves an even coat on the glass with tears forming on the meniscus (edgeline) all the way around, and then the very occasional medium-sized legs start to form. Highlights the unique viscosity of a very high rye mashbill distillation.

First Impression: Quite the densely packed flavor bomb! Lots of rye grain, grassy notes, honey, leather, and all good things.

Taste: Delicious and smooth even at 116 proof.Oily body and entry packed with rye flavor. Heavy, breadlike notes, sweet and sour rye with a minty, grassy, butterscotch, bready, with leather, 0ak char, and beeswax notes.

Drinks: This rye helps you understand the full nuance of a rye Manhattan and all those other classic cocktails that originally called for rye rather than a bourbon.

Bottle: Premium-type heavy glass decanter bottle. Cylindrical with rounded shoulders and a heavy glass bottom to it.Deep forest or Swedish green label with gold lettering and drawing of tumbling dice on the label. “Curated Small Batch’ and Barrel Proof appear on a banner below the central label title, along with hand-entered proof (116.4) and alcohol content by volume (58.2). The back label has an age statement ((8 Years) and Mash Bill (96% Rye, 4 % Barley) and the fact that the rye was aged for eight years in new charred oak barrels. Cork is wood topped synthetic cork with a tight seal and sounds like a real cork when you remove it ( Nice Touch ). The neck capsule is dipped in a heavy coat of dark green sealing wax with a fiberglass-reinforced paper pull tab. Wax is of sufficient flexibility and quality that it is relatively easy to open and does not shed bits of wax all over—nicely done!

Other: Great with a spicy cigar a Maduro or even an Oscuro, nothing to big ( Corona size or similar at largest)

Final Thoughts: Damn nice rye and affordable too. There are some other ryes out there that might be competition, but they all cost more and are extremely hard to find.


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