Tumbling Dice Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Classification: ,
Proof: 100 (50%)
Age: 4 Years
Price: $36.99 750 ML

A damn fine old school bourbon for the money.
Selected by Bruce Shultz as a recommended spirit to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Bourbon Legend Box –

Notes: Tumblin Dice Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a brand created by Proof and Wood Ventures. IMHO, Proof, and Wood have proven that you can be a top-shelf blender and bottler of many different spirits ( but a specialty in both whiskey and rum) as they have consistently brought high-quality yet low- to moderately priced spirits to market over the last 20 years or so.

This whiskey is from a small batch blending of approximately 20 barrels of 4-year-old high rye bourbon ( 60% corn, 36 % Rye, and 4% Barley) from MGP.

Granted, MGP is one of the largest spirits producers in the nation, but Proof and Wood shines in its ability to sort and source some of the tastiest barrels among the thousands of barrels available from them and consistently produce great bottles of low-priced and very solid whiskies—which is the real trick when it comes to blending, especially consistently.

Appearance: Clear, light gold color in the glass. Dark Baltic amber in the bottle, shows its age nicely. It’s more yellow than red but shows an honest aging and development for its roughly 4 years of age,

First Impression: Grain. Lots of grain, corn, sweet-sour, and toffee of rye, the sweetness of barley malt, and a delicate whiff of 100-proof alcohol forming the backbone. Notes of saddle leather marzipan, dried fruit(apples, plums), notes of beeswax, honey, and fresh hay.
Overall the smells of what a good bourbon used to smell like back in the day, the grain where it came from, a good distillation, and a sense of place.

Taste: Very much in keeping with the nose, it delivers a nice full and smooth grain entry, slightly oily with some weight to it. Sweet grain with a buttery mouth feel with just a touch of sweetness sloping off to a nice drying finish with notes of mint. A good bourbon for an afternoon’s contemplation.

Drinks: An excellent candidate for a mixing bourbon when you are looking for an old school or vintage taste to your cocktails. If you are looking fo a bourbon as it tasted in the 1950’s-to 1960’s before they lightened them all up. This is the one to use. Reminds me of the old James Pepper or Old Crow  ( pre 1975 ) whiskies back before they lightened/diluted them to what they are today. If you want to fully capture the spirit of those cocktails, I also heartily recommend Eddie Mullers Noir Bar: Cocktails Inspired By The World of Film Noir 
by the way. In any case, it is a great bourbon to use in your bar for any bourbon cocktail, as it is both good and cheap – an increasingly rare commodity these days!
Another important mention is that it was selected by Bruce Shultz as a recommended spirit to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s . We highly recommend this kit also !

Bottle: Tall Cylindrical clear glass, one of Proof and Woods’s almost signature bottles with a short neck and squared-off shoulders. The pluss side is that it takes up little horizontal room and is easy to pick out in a sea of other bottles. The negative is that it is kind of generic; yes, the label is easy to spot with the black background and silver grey lettering, but I would rather pay for the contents and not the package it comes in; this bottle works for me in that regard.

Other: Goes nicely with a decent cigar to make a for a pleasant afternoon or evenings respite.

Final Thoughts: A  good, solid bourbon and a recommended best buy for its price point.Very hard to find anything this good for anywhere near what it sells for.


A good if slightly dated and somewhat sparse website. Fair amount of information and links to showcase their portfolio and merchandise.

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