TY KU Soju

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 3
Proof: 48 (24%)
Price: $30.00 750ML
Price Range:

Much better than the usual Soju

Notes: A form of lower proof barley vodka usually found in Korea. Made in Japan with almost 1/2 the calories off a vodka. They also have a sake and a liqueur (their first and signature product).

First ImpressionPleasant if rather light barley grain and alcohol notes. Somewhat sweet smell to it.

Appearance: Crystal clear, on swirling leaves a even coat on the glass with the edgeline without much development of legs, some droplets.

Taste: Grain with sweet fruit notes to it. Smoother than most soju we have had. Nicely done distillation.

Drinks: Could be used as a lower proof substitute for a vodka.

Bottle: Triangular (think tall, narrow pyramid) style bottle, blue tinted from almost clear at bottom to almost cobalt blue at top. With elegant minimalist graphics and silver colored cap and bottom band. Cap is removable to reveal cork closure underneath.

Final Thoughts: Pleasant, inoffensive (unlike a lot of soju) but pricey for the category. Unless you are a fan you are probably better off with either a cheaper bottle of soju or buying a bottle of vodka with twice the proof for 1/2 the money. While the quality is quite good the price is not.


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