ÜberBarTools Bar Jigger – Projig (TM)

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Price: $11.95 (plus shipping)
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Very good if a little tricky to get used to.

ITEM: ÜberBarTools Bar Jigger – Projig (TM)

ITEM TYPEJigger (measuring tool)
MAKER: Unknown
COST: $11.95 (plus shipping)

Note: A jigger is both a unit of measurement (1½ ounces) and a bar tool to measure various amounts of liquid. Projig is also available in metric and other measurements for the same money.

Overview: Bar jigger with multiple chambers made by ÜberBarTools.

Appearance: Nicely made, solid construction, bounces, doesn’t break.

First Impression: Decently made, nice appearance, nice fit and finish to all the pieces, nice feel and fits the hand nicely. At least twice as thick as some measuring devices.

Testing: Large size makes it easy to find and use behind the bar. Easy to use if a bit hard to read at first. Numerous chambers eliminate the need for multiple jiggers or other measuring gear. No plating to react in a drink, scratch, or wear  off nicely made. A well made bar tool not a cheap throwaway.

Final Thoughts: A bit hard to read so requires a bit more training. Main drawback to me is the size of the measuring chambers – why not a 1 oz and 1½ oz? 1.25 oz seems like a measurement I would rarely use, 1½ yes, fairly common, 1.25 seems almost useless. Otherwise well done.

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Stylishly done if a bit light on pictures and information.

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