Undercover Bracelet

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Price: $9.99 plus shipping
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Discrete, cheap, and hopefully you may never need it .

Notes: Designed as a discrete way of carrying a nonmetallic handcuff key ( fits most standard handcuffs).

Appearance: Looks like a piece of black rubber surgical tubing or a piece of cable. Worn as a bracelet.Matte, non reflective black, can be cut to length if desired.

First Impression: Comfortable and stays on well.Will break away rather than trap hand if someone grabs hold of it.

Directions and Instructions: Just pull apart to use/access key.

Testing: Works well, will not last forever and wear may be a factor eventually, but cheap enough to replace.

Other: Only use to escape a kidnapping or  an illegal detention. Otherwise you may be charged with attempted escape later. Also law enforcement does not find it funny when they go to uncuff you and you hand them their handcuffs with two fingers – trust me on this.

Final Thoughts: Nicely camouflaged handcuff key system for a cheap price that is right where you need it – on your wrist.


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