Veev Acai Spirit – Veev Distillers

  • Rating: 6
  • Value: 4
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Proof: 60 (30%)
Price: $35.00 750 ML
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Almost more of a fruity Old Tom Gin.

Note: Now that pomegranate is last years big taste, we know have to deal the with Acai (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee) berry and all its supposed wonderfulness. After being peppered with all sorts of spam and Oprah testimonials (one way to get me to rapidly hate any product on principle) I have to admit to a certain lack of enthusiasm when this bottle showed up.

Made from Acai berries (a fruit I still don’t entirely understand), prickly pear fruit, and Acerola cherries among other things in a wheat base – which I don’t understand given the fact they are trying so hard to be healthy and grano ( and the fact that the gluten free types would shun it because of that) but that’s their choice. To their credit the company appears to be downright aggressively green and carbon neutral.

Appearance: Brilliant, clear, on swirling makes a light uniform coat on the glass that then rapidly scallops and throws lots of very small legs with no residual coating whatsoever.

First ImpressionFruity, citrus with mild almost cocoa alkali notes, almost pink grapefruit with a touch of cherry bitters, alcohol in background rather than foreground.

Taste: Quite sweet slightly heavy/oily entry with candied citrus, prickly pear start , then cherry and Acai provide a drying alkali/bitter backbone that gradually takes hold in a pleasant way.

Drinks: I particularly like the Mar-Veev by the Intoxocologist, among his other creations. Think of it as a fruity sweetened gin and you can’t go far wrong. Almost a Tiki drink by itself, I personally wouldn’t use it as a base spirit but as a modifier or accent.

Bottle: Tall square frosted glass with one black and one green leaf on it. Black screwcap closure.

Final Thoughts: Interesting, not bad but not to my taste personally.Too fruity and sweet but some people may like it. Reminds me a good bit of Konyagi in a way, but more expensive!


Informative, if a touch complicated. Very graphics heavy with slow fades. Will tax even a reasonably fast computer with broadband. Not for the short attention span crowd.

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