Ventura Limoncello Originale Ventura Limoncello Company, Ventura, California

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
Proof: 58 Proof (29%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $28.00 750ML
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Lovingly hand made and it shows in the taste.

Notes: This is a new limoncello produced in ridiculously small quantities – and I mean that in a nice way – They use the traditional grain alcohol and lemon peel maceration technique carefully hand peeling the lemons to avoid the bitter pith getting into the finished product -unlike a number of other brands whose techniques run from using chemical extracts, minute maid lemonade, or putting the fruit through something akin to a wood chipper.

First ImpressionThick, aromatic citrus (no thin, cutting alcohol notes to it). Lemons, tree-ripe lemons, smelling wonderfully full with no discordant notes or chemical bite to it..

Appearance: Pleasing lemon color,nicely translucent but almost opaque lemon juice color with appropriate il collarino (collar of oils at top of bottle) and touches of sediment in the bottle – which are marks of handmade,quality limoncello in stark contrast to the homogenized , dyed and fake commercial stuff that may look great but sacrifice soul and authenticity for appearance. This particular limoncello is one of the translucent varieties ( as opposed to the clear type). On swirling, leaves thin coating on glass, then develops droplets forming.

Taste: Thick silky, creamy lemon oil entry, appropriately sweet then turning slightly acidic . Nicely creamy and oily and a little tart like a really good gelato. A pleasant lingering aftertaste, with a pleasing warm fade of alcohol And this is all at room temperature – the hardest test for a limoncello.

Drinks: There are a number of classic cocktails calling for limoncello and this one worked well in a number we tried. Also this is a great ingredient for a mixologist to work with for its lovely flavors, mouthfeel/texture and appearance. A great twist on a sour mix if you are feeling creative, added a lot more depth and weight if a touch sweet. Could also be used instead of lemon juice and sweetener in some drinks (such as an Aviation).

Lovely as a topping on vanilla ice cream and makes for a wonderful Lemon Ice, too, of course. Also it was wonderful on its own-or in tea hot or cold. Also wonderful on its own- which is saying something given a number of limoncello’s taste like sweetened disinfectant. In fact most of them are only fit to scrub toilet bowls with and cost the same or more than this one.

Bottle: Brilliantly clear glass, tall cylindrical bottle with with rounded shoulder and heavy decanter type base makes for a great balance and keeps the limoncello nicely cold and insulated on a hot day. Dramatic black paper label with tasteful graphics and fonts makes them easy to find on a shelf. Black neckwrap and a tight fitting composite cork closure finish the package.

Final Thoughts: More expensive than many of the cheap syrupy versions – but only by a few dollars and it is so much better.


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