Vermont White

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $27.00 750 ml
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A distillery that is seriously crunchy granola, even for Vermont.

Notes: We are revisiting this vodka as they have recently come back to the market and their situation (after changing hands a number of times) has stabilized. This Vodka is produced in St Johnsbury, Vermont from milk sugar in a distillery that is seriously crunchy granola, even for Vermont. The operation is off the grid- no electricity hookups. The distillery has glass sides to maximize natural light for working and wood fired stills.

One important note is this is a wheat/gluten free product (in fact entirely grain free- one of the few vodkas that can lay claim to that) so anyone with a intolerance to wheat should consider it as an alternative to many of the vodkas out there.

AppearanceCrystal clear, no sediment whatsoever or separation. Medium thick body. On swirling it leaves a a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass, then some beading (droplets) and legs forming.

First ImpressionClean alcohol notes, cream soda/vanilla bean notes.

TasteSweet, but not as sweet as the Vermont Gold. Nice mouth feel, warming finish to it.

DrinksPlays well with other ingredients. A touch sweeter and more subtle than a lot of vodkas out there: deadly smooth.

Bottle: Distinctive, in that it is tall, rectangular, bright clear glass with rounded shoulders, and NO frosting unlike the sea of others. The bottle has changed in that they no longer use a hand dipped wax seal to finish the bottle anymore – they use a simpler metal foil cap instead – which we personally think is a pity. Simple graphics silkscreened or printed directly onto the glass. White cow silhouette shows through back to front to distinguish the ingredients. Nice heft to the bottle and a good grade of clear glass with nice foot to it. Bottle was imported from France and is of very high quality – lovely sparkling glass to showcase an excellent product.

Final Thoughts: A very pleasant and unique vodka made from an unusual ingredient with great attention to detail. A excellent vodka which is actually worth the price, unlke many others in the price catagory. While I prefer their maple sap offerings a bit better this one is definitely one to buy and enjoy in a vodka collection. 


Fast loading, fair amount of information. Easy-to-read. Goodcontent  and descriptions of production, if a bit terse. 

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