Vision Vodka

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 6
Type: ,
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $ 29.99 750 ML
Vision Vodka

Much better than Grey Goose for less money, and American made.


Notes: Vision Vodka is the brainchild of the group that designs statuaettes for such groups as the MTV awards among others> As an artistic group they set out to design and craft a vodka that was stylish without some of the ridiculous hype you see with many brands these days. Vision Vodka is made from wheat, water from Oregon snow melt( a poetic if vague description) and filtered through carbon five times and a special finishing process they fail to explain.

Appearance: Clear,slightly oily/viscous with a solid edge line on swirling with long legs and droplets forming

First Impression: Slightly nutty,grainy, with no off notes ( found in many poorer wheat vodkas as there is little for those odors to hide behind)

Taste: Slightly oily,medium bodied, nicely thick for a vodka, vanilla and oily grain notes with a slightly spicier and not so sweet notes that differentiates it the vast majority of American (read corn based ) vodkas such as Skyy

Drinks: I’m not usually a fan of Vodka “Martinis” as they are so (mis)named and this one mildly reinforced that as it just doesn’t seem to work with vermouth. Wheat vodkas and vermouth don’t seem to work well in general it seems and this one was no different . It did however work well with a number of other drinks due to the nicely juicy body and slightly dry taste to add body but not over sweeten or intrude on other tastes.

Bottle: Nicely done decanter of clear frosted glass , but unlike the sea of Grey Goose imitations the bottle is distinctive ( not an easy task these days) with  somewhat unusual lines, simple but attractive graphics and a unusual flared top with a wood topped synthetic cork closure.

Other: Cork requires that you have a higher than normal dexterity and grip to open. Do not fully reseat cork till you are done for the evening after your initial struggle or you might be thirsty  later on.

Final Thoughts: Decent quality, nice body makes it better than a lot of vodkas out there but for $30 it should . Unlike Avian Fashion Victim Vodka it’s cheaper, better, and smoother but the price is a touch high compared to some others of similar quality.


Minimal sort of website with not a great deal of detail,easy to navigate with some recipes

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