Voodoo Tiki Platinum

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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Fresh from the Still
Price: $59.99 - 750 ML
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A must have for your Tiki bar.

Notes: This tequila is produced on the Highlands of Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This is the youngest expression of this particular line. Another slightly older expression the Voodoo Tiki Reposado, there is also a Voodoo Tiki Ańejo, and an infused Tequila product line including Desert Rose Prickly Pear, Blue Dragon Blue kiwi, and Green Dragon lime.

Voodoo Tiki uses agave that are a minimum of ten years old for their Tequila (others use agave as young as three years old). A more mature agave develops a better flavor of terroir (taste and sense of place) due to the longer growing period according to a number of experts. Voodoo Tiki also uses a number of more traditional steps to make their tequila than many others.

First, they use hornos, the old style brick and stone ovens rather than the stainless steel autoclaves (that look a lot like wood drying kilns) and eight to twelve times longer 50 -72 hours rather than 6) to bake the pinãs (heart of the agave) and convert the starch to sugar. This allows a slow conversion and avoids carmelization of sugar (and the resulting bitterness). After that the resulting juice is fermented over a 7-10 day period to become mosto (fermented juice). It is then first fermented into ordinario (the english term would be low wine) it is then redistilled into tequila. Unlike vodka you, only want to distill Tequila twice to preserve flavor and character.

Appearance: Crystal clear, lovely body. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass which then forms some luscious legs which then leave a constellation of droplets on the sides of the nosing glass.

First Impression: Has a unmistakable aromatic hallmarks of a good tequila: salty, sweet brine, savory, herbal with a citrusy bouquet -like thai-lime leaves and lemon grass.

Taste: Wonderful oily body. Sweetish entry drying rapidly but pleasantly. Savory, mineral like with spice and citrus. Sort of like a sweet but herbal olive brine and a thai lime dish with salt – Dry but savory, with a full oily mouth feel/weight to it.Citrusy final ending, with a bit of warmth and dryness .

Finish is medium-long, and smooth enough to be dangerous.

Drinks: Actually not bad on its own; sip it, don’t shoot it. One of the few silver tequilas you can drink straight without wincing. Wonderful margaritas, be sure to use fresh juice and Grand Marnier – anything less would be an insult to the tequila and a waste.

Cigars: An Ashton, or Credo, Connecticut shade wrapper.

Bottle:Recycled clear glass bottle with , rounded shoulders short neck and green sealing wax (with stamp on top) neckband. Bright green glass Tiki totem/god attached to inside surface of pommel in bottle) Silk-screened tiki and bamboo graphics in white, limited edition # on back. Composite cork (with wooden top) reduces chance of cork taint. Each bottle is handmade by the Master Artisan Glass blower Alahandro Numaro. Quite the package altogether and a real standout on your bar! Must have Tequila for a Tiki Bar.

Final Thoughts: Delicious, nicely done and understated.


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