WAVE Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 4
Proof: 60 (30%)
Price: $8 750 ml
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Wave Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka

Preferred by the bums living under the bridge over Vitalis but not by much.
Looks remarkably like the stuff you wash your windshield with but more cloying taste.


Notes: Produced by Barton Brands which was part of Constellation, then sold to Sazerac. Sazerac has acquired a number of lower end brands from Constellation and this was part of the portfolio.

Designed as a cheap lower proof (60 proof) flavored vodka.

Appearance: Clear iridescent blue, like Vitalis Aftershave or numerous energy drinks to be more charitable. It’s if-water-was-this-blue-I-wouldn’t-swim-in-it kind of blue.

First Impression: Same smell as you get when you rip open a packet of raspberry jello, and about as real. Heavy smell of plastic, citric acid, raspberry flavoring and chemicals (sweeteners and flavors enhancers).

Taste: Tastes like jello after you add water and before it sets with a nasty chemical tang that coats the mouth.

Drinks: Mix with your Hi C or similar kids fake juice drink for those of you who are too amateur to drink real cocktails.

Bottle: Fairly generic glass bottle – but it is at least glass – we give them credit for that. Plastic stick on label with mod type graphics (including a background that looks like a sound wave graphic). Particularly nasty sort of neck wrap – reminds us of a condom that has exceeded it’s shelf life – wraps around the screw cap closure.

Other:  I think you might be better off with a jug of blue raspberry drink and a bottle of grain alcohol for both taste and economy.

Final Thoughts: Nasty, sharp tasting, overly sweet. I cringe at the thought of how a hangover from this stuff would be. Not that I could ever stomach or countenance the idea of drinking this foul stuff in quantity.


Fairly basic website with little information. Recipe section is pretty laughable too, not much imagination at all.

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