WAVE Pink Lemonade Flavored Vodka

  • Rating: 1
  • Value: 4
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 60 (30%)
Price: $8 750 ml
WAVE Pink Lemonade Flavored Vodka

There are several brands of air freshener, floor waxes, and beauty products I would recommend before this stuff.



Produced by Barton Brands which was part of Constellation then sold to Sazerac. Sazerac has acquired a number of lower end brands from Constellation and this was part of the portfolio.

Designed as a cheap lower proof (60 proof) flavored vodka.

Appearance: Clear, iridescent pink, almost a candy or energy drink color.

First Impression: Chemical lemonade smell with whiffs of fake grapefruit, plastic sweetness with corn syrup background which overlays the alcohol base.

Taste: Slightly heavy syrupy mouthfeel on entry, heavy on fake lemon, grapefruit and citric acid followed by a very plastic tasting pseudo lemonade taste. Has about the same mouthfeel as a decent grade of floor wax.

Drinks: I’m sorry, I can’t find anything to use this in.

Bottle: Fairly generic glass bottle – but it is at least glass- we give them credit for that.Plastic stick on label with mod type graphics (including a background that looks like a sound wave graphic). Particularly nasty sort of neck wrap – reminds us of a condom that has exceeded its shelf life – wraps around the screw cap closure.

Other:  O.K. I really don’t get a lot of cheap, candy-like  taste and appearance, or fake child juice tasting vodka. If I want to make a vodka taste like something I will infuse it myself, or if I want particular flavors in a drink, it’s called a cocktail, and I will add the requisite real ingredients.

Final Thoughts: For the person (of whatever age) who likes bad kiddie chemical equivalent juice drinks. Nasty, sticky, sickeningly sweet and more of less completely unredeemable.


Fairly basic website with little information. Recipe section is pretty laughable too, not much imagination at all.

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