WAVE Vodka

  • Rating: 4
  • Value: 3
Ingredients: ,
Importer: ,
Proof: 80 ( 40 %)
Price: $10 750 ML
Price Range:
Wave Vodla (Unflavored)

While we don’t expect much from a vodka in this price category, It is a bit of a underperformer for this price range. Spend a dollar or 2 more and get a much better vodka.


Notes: A unflavored vodka produced by Sazerac. It is part of the Wave series of vodka most of which are flavored and lower proof

Appearance: Clear,Thin edge line on swirling, legs and droplets forming after a while

First Impression:  fairly spirity nose  to it,  with a slightly acetone/nail polish remover  bouquet  to it.

Taste:  Slightly sweet and slightly oily entry or mouth feel makes me wonder if they possibly added glycerin or vanilla to cover some of the off flavors from distillation.

Drinks:  Good enough for mixing but barely so. Definitely not a sipping vodka. Certainly cheap enough, it may be coming to a party under a bridge near you.

Bottle: Fairly generic glass bottle – but it is at least glass- we give them credit for that. Plastic stick-on label with mod type graphics (including a background that looks like a sound wave graphic). Particularly nasty sort of neck wrap, reminds us of a condom that has exceeded it’s shelf life wraps around the screw cap closure

Other: rad

Final Thoughts:  While we really don’t dislike this vodka per se,  it fails to impress even at the $10 price point.  It’s rather disappointing nose,  and mediocre taste, are to be expected for a lower and vodka, we feel it should have a bit more quality i if it wishes to compete against some of the other better vodkas that are out there for very much the same money.  On the other hand, it is probably available just about everywhere and not completely awful for the money if there is no alternative.


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