WAVE Imitation Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 3
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 60 (30%)
Price: $8 750 ml
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Wave Whipped Cream

Imitation whip cream and grain alcohol in one bottle. Doesn’t get much lower than this.


Notes: Possibly a new low for the drinks industry, if not western civilization itself. . .

A bottle containing an admixture grain alcohol and non-food edible chemical extracts designed to mimic a non-food synthetic whipped cream in taste. It somehow sadly manages to succeed in this task.

How many unwanted teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and regrettable hook ups will this abomination engender? We shall see.

Appearance: Clear, thick, slightly oily appearance. It looks thickened with glycerin or dairy solids normally used for glue (that somehow stay clear when dissolved properly).

First Impression: Plastic whip cream, fake vanilla and sickly sweet vanilla and glazed donut smells.

Taste:  Plastic whip cream (read Cool Whip), glycerin, corn syrup and a nasty chemical form of pseudo vanilla and percieved  cream. Nasty lactic acid aftertaste with a cloying sweetness.

Drinks: “Please, for the love of God,  NO!”

Bottle: Fairly generic glass bottle – but it is at least glass – we give them credit for that. Plastic stick on label with mod type graphics (including a background that looks like a sound wave graphic). Particularly nasty sort of neck wrap – reminds us of a condom that has exceeded it’s shelf life – it just shreds and wraps around your fingers – wraps around the screw cap closure.

Other: I thought we were reach new depths with spiked whipped cream, but imitation whip cream? Who thinks this stuff up?

Final Thoughts: Komm susser tod. . . that would be my first words upon waking after a night with a bottle of this stuff.


A fairly useless site with graphics designed to appeal to the youn,g and drink recipes that are the stuff of mixologists’ nightmares.

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