Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Field Kit

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Really outstanding sharpening system that is very quick, easy to use, and produces very sharp edges with a minimum amount of skill or fuss. Highly recommended !

As part of our bar ware reviews section I thought this was a great tool to add as we all need sharp knives and utensils to prep, garnish and otherwise use at the bar. Also getting an item sharpened is a pain usually and time consuming. This kit makes sharpening anything you can lay your hands on – even the gardening tools you use to raise those fruits and vegetables long before they get to your bar.

Notes: Works Sharp produces a number of sharpening items for various applications and have been  for over 30 years. An American company (some parts sourced from overseas but designed, assembled and quality checked in Oregon) They produce this , their Field Kit, for sharpening just about anything with an edge in any form. Using a flexible belt it allows you to get a good (read damn sharp !) edge on knives, peelers, scissors, etc., with a built in angle guide so you can choose the angle for different applications with very little trouble.

Appearance: Whats in the box; electric sharpener, knife guides, belts from coarse to fine,retractable honing rod to maintain an edge while working, storage bag, quick start guide, and an instructional DVD . It is all decent quality and well made pieces that are clearly marked and easy to use first time out.

First Impression: We sharpened all the blades in the house, kitchen knives, scissors, pocket knives, machetes, daggers, even a couple of swords in almost no time. What would have taken hours was done in minutes . The average time even when factoring changing belts ( 3 from coarse to fine) was  somewhere around 2 minutes tops. Very easy to use with very handy guides to make sure you got the right and consistent angle every time. We threw everything at this machine, straight, serrated, scissors, etc., and they all sharpened up quickly with no problems and a minimum of fuss. With a flexible belt and guide you have a hard time buggering a knife – unlike what you can do with a grinding wheel in mere seconds. While probably not completely idiotproof , it is about as close as it could come. The belts last a good amount of time and are easily replaceable . Retractable honing stone helps keep an edge till you can get back to the machine.

Construction: Nice 6 foot long power cord which is handy, solid felling on (spring loaded pressure)/off with and excellent  fit and finish with plenty of guides. Easy to change parts on and off – belts, guides etc.,. Storage bag is good size to put everything in and spillproof to keep the machine clean and dry.

Other: You can sharpen garden tools, lawnmowers blades, axes and any other edged instrument of mayhem with this grinder.

Final Thoughts: All around an excellent tool that changed my mind about belt grinders for knives. I used to be very old school with stones and doing them by hand. This machine has changed my mind, it won’t eat your blade like a lot of others and delivers and extremely sharp edge on anything in just about no time. Excellent value for the money and saves you a lot of money on a sharpening service ( not to mention downtime)


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