Averell Damson Gin Liqueur

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  • Value: 9
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Proof: 66 (33%)
Price: $34.99 - 750 ML

Excellent liqueur to explore new cocktail frontiers with.Similar but better than Sloe Gin

Notes: A very rare form of gin liqueur made from Damson plums, one of the rarer and spiciest plums in the world. Originally from Persia and spread further east during the crusades, west to North America by early settlers, this small flavorful plum is harvested in upstate New York every fall to be used to make Averell Damson Gin Liqueur using a  the D.H Krahn small  batch gin. The plums are from Red Jacket Orchard and the plums are macerated and bottled locallyThe claret red juice and skins are macerated and blended with the gin to create this unique liqueur. Available in very limited quantities.

Appearance: Red Purple similar in appearance to a ruby port , clear, thick, almost oily in appearance.On swirling it leaves thick edge line/meniscus on the glass with thick legs forming at intervals

First Impression: Plums, spicy berries,just a hint of juniper and the usual suspects in a gin. Dark,fruity,spicy notes with touches of citrus,ginger, cinnamon and citrus.

Taste: Thick,  jammy, plummy, berrylike  entry with loads of plum and spice with the gin botanicals adding structure to what would otherwise be an overly sweet liqueur.  Somewhat similar to a Sloe Gin and even a Cassis in some ways, it has more spice and a slightly jammier flavor and a touch more complexity than Plymouth Sloe Gin.

Drinks: Can be used as a swap out on any recipe calling for Sloe Gin or even Cassis ( to a limited degree) . Also good in a Swedish Glogg If you want a hybrid Kir Royale and French 75 try using 1 oz of Averell Damson Liqueur in a flute of Champagne. Would also be nice for baking or cooking with.

Bottle: Clear glass whisky type bottle with a slightly bulbous neck. Clear plastic neck capsule which is thankfully easy to remove compared to most. Label is lozenge shaped with cream background,drawing of beach pagoda with bench and simple graphics resulting in a understated tasteful look to the bottle Rectangular back label gives a short history and two drink recipes ( both simple and good). Synthetic cork with topper gives both a tight seal and makes it easy to remove simply and reliably

Other: Sloe Gin while similar in taste is made from Slo Berries and not plums

Final Thoughts: Much prefer it to Plymouth Sloe Gin which was my favorite among sloe gins ( some are just godawful crap ).Highly Recommended  !!


Minimal almost placeholder sort of website. Does give you some basic information, cocktails and where to order ( we suggest Drink UP NY  )

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