Downslope Distilling Vanilla Rum

  • Rating: 6
  • Value: 7
Proof: 80 (40%)
Price: $28.00 750 ML

An actually drinkable vanilla flavored rum – unlike most.

Notes: A small micro distillery put together by three partners who are passionate about adult beverages (they got their start in homebrewing beer) and threw themselves into research on how to take the next step into micro distilling.

Using a custom designed pot and column stills, a unique filtration process, and techniques they describe as more artisanal than state of the art  in limited space they have somehow still managed to create an impressive portfolio of products which include: Cane Vodka, Grain Vodka, Pepper Vodka, White Rum, Gold Rum, Wine Barrel Aged Rum , Double Diamond Whiskey, and a Malt Whiskey.

Considerably higher proof than almost every other flavored rum (most are 70 proof or 35%) This rum is not your usual flavored or spiced rum in that the distillery actually macerates hand decorticated vanilla beans (two distinct high quality source/varieties for maximum complexity) rather than just dumping in an extract or a chemical flavoring simulating vanilla like many others in the trade.

Appearance: Clear, slightly gold colored, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin, but tenacious clear coat on the inside of the glass, then develops some droplets on the edgeline, which then become a constellation of droplets.

First Impression: Lovely real vanilla notes not chemical esters pretending to be vanilla.

Taste: Real vanilla flavor in it’s slightly raw, untamed form, with all the wonderful rough edges – not some sappy sugared or syruped up chemical equivalent of a vanilla. It also has some echos of a bitter almond variety nad marzipan again something you only get from using real vanilla beans.

Drinks: Their suggestion of mixing with a Mexican Coca Cola should be followed ! Infinitely better than your average rum and coke ! If you think of it as a sort of rum bourbon hybrid in taste you are not too far off track to  come up with some really good cocktails.

Cigars: No terribly sure on this one frankly. Going to need some more research.

Final Thoughts: Frankly, I am not a flavored rum fan in general. I don’t see the point. That being said, this is much better than a number of the other flavored rums out there I have had in the past . Their maceration of actual vanilla beans along with a quality rum base make for a nicely done product

Bottle: Short apothecary shaped clear glass bottle with with very simple label. Wine red label and neck band. Oblong gold tan with Vanilla in script in the label differentiate it from their other rums. Unlike their other rums this one uses a black synthetic cork. Simple package shows the clarity of the rum nicely.

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Fast loading with a minimal amount of information. Easy-to-read with good content (especially the story/manifesto) and descriptions of products, if a bit terse.

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