G’vine Florasian Gin

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 1
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $38.00 - 750ML

This rather idiosyncratic new member of gin family is foul, bitter and evil tasting. Avoid.

Notes: This rather idiosyncratic new member of gin family is made in a handmade copper pot still and is infused with green grape flowers among many other ingredients in a ugni blanc (cognac grape) alcohol base, that give it a unique aroma and flavor profile.It is perhaps unique among gins that it uses a grape alcohol rather than the traditional grain.This may make it attractive to celiacs and other gluten intolerant folks.

Appearance: Crystal clear, a few legs on swirling. Slightly oily appearance to body.

First Impression: More like opening a spice jar than a regular gin, cassia bark, cubeb, coriander, cardamon, nutmeg, licorice, then the lime and orange citrus and other aromatics adding to the blend as it breathes.

Taste: Bitter powdered tree bark, melange of spices that taste more like a curry – or chinese medicine then a gin. Hits the toungue on the midline edges with a astringent drying. I think I am allergic to the pollen or whatever it is as my tongue is starting to swell and my throat is constricting a bit. Where did I put that Epi pen?

Drinks: No, didn’t find it that interesting or helpful for a drink. Everyone who tried them did not finish their samples.

Bottle: Squat cylindrical clear glass bottle with a greenish cast to the top with a short neck and heavy bottom- resembles a apothecary bottle from years past. Label and artwork are however très moderne. Could be mistaken for a bath product or spa product at a distance (now there’s a thought! – might be good for poison ivy or some other running sores as an astringent).

Final Thoughts: This one reminds me of 5 spice powder but bitter, pollen, and bitter alkaloid treebark – particularly the virola tree from South America which a ethnobotanist introduced me to one night. Thank God it did not have the same effect -I don’t have 3 days to spare these days. Foul, bitter and evil tasting. Avoid.


Website is well laid out but not terribly informative. No details on distillation and heavy emphasis on the grape flowers and little else. More information would be useful.

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