Half Shell Vodka

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 7
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Price: $24.99 750 ML
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Nice concept but needs work. Also pricey for the quality.Kudos for an attempt at environmental goals and novel packaging, but both the vodka and the package need work

Notes: I know, I know, ANOTHER VODKA with some filtering gimmick AND some environmental angle in an attempt to stand out from the hundreds of vodkas coming out every year in a mind-dulling and usually futile attempt to stand out…

This one ACTUALLY does have a few more standout features/virtues than many of late, which is why we are bothering to write it up.

Hailing from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida ( Panhandle area of Florida), this vodka is made from locally grown corn, distilled 18 times, and passed through a unique filtration combination of oyster shell and activated carbon from coconut fiber. The spent mash is recycled as dairy feed.

Appearance: Clear silver appearance with an oily coat on swirling, which then coats the glass and starts to form legs that slowly descend back into the glass. A fair amount of viscosity in this vodka.

First Impression: Nice corn bouquet to it with slight heads note to it.

Taste: Silky, Slightly oily texture to mouthfeel. Definitely, a corn vodka, which is in essence, simple and a slight touch sweet compared to wheat. Not the worst vodka I have had, but it is not terribly clean tasting. It is a bit harsh and biting, and a better water source might round some edges off

Drinks: Would work well in an average vodka drink.Does not qualify as a sipping vodka

Bottle: The packaging ( not entirely sure if bottle is the correct word in this case ) is a paper bottle/carton folded up in a unique way to resemble a 750 ML bottle much more closely than, say, a milk or juice carton. An equivalent glass bottle would use up to 600 percent more carbon/greenhouse gases in its manufacture. Made from 84% recycled paper and colored sky or ocean blue, is makes for a distinctive and attractive presentation that is hard to miss.
Downside ? The metal closure/screw-on cap is IMPOSSIBLE to remove by hand needed a box cutter to cut through the cap fitting to separate the bottom of it as the threads would not allow me to back it off and break with the upper part of the screw-on part, Even though I was stone-cold sober, I sliced up my hand with a box cutter trying to get the cap bottom to separate and open the bottle! A badly executed design fault, in my opinion- never encountered a bottle so hard to open!

Other: A higher proof and/or some more interesting water to cut it with would help.

Final Thoughts: While we applaud their attempts at sustainability and environmental responsibility, the vodka installation and cuts need some work, along with the closure on the bottle, neither of which are ready for prime time.


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