Myer Farm White Dog Corn Whiskey

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 9

Well done, 100% New York State organic corn

Notes:  A new distillery in Ovid, New York ( north of Ithaca, New York if that helps anyone) just opened up and is already producing a number of excellent products after just 5 weeks of operations.

The new distillery is Myers Farm Distillery which is an organic farm to flask distillery that grows, harvests and distills and bottles their own organic distillates right on their own farm. You can’t get much more organic, low carbon footprint than that. Their products include their Meyer Farm Wheat Spirit White Dog, Myer Farm Corn Whiskey White Dog, Myer Farm Gin, and their Myer Farm Wheat Vodka. An Aged Wheat Vodka has been laid down and currently aging for sale at a later point to be determined.Established in 1868 the farm is a family farm of roughly 1000 acres that grows organic grains and soybeans  and just recently they caught the distilling bug.
Grown on their farm the organic corn is an  open-pollinated heirloom-type variety  not the  GMO corn  you usually encounter in distilling. They also use their own well water which filters naturally through large veins of limestone beneath the subsoil, (similar to those in Kentucky) for their distillation then distilled water for reducing to proof. White dog corn whiskey is distinguished from a vodka in that it is brought off the still at 160 proof ( rather than a standard vodka distillation of 190 proof) to preserve the flavor and character of the corn rather than going for a more flavorless vodka.

Appearance: Sparkling clear,on swirling leaves a nice coat on the glass with legs quickly forming.

First Impression: Nice heavy creamy scent of corn with a slightly sweet bouquet,

Taste: Slightly sweet entry, medium weight body and a touch oily in texture, nice corn meal taste to it with touches of spiciness.  Slight cinnamon and heat notes with a minimal bite along the edges of your tongue, dries somewhat in the finish.

Drinks: Well you can always make a Pitbull Sour with it, and it is a much more flavorful substitute for vodka but less flavorful than a bourbon. That being said it may work nicely for people who are transitioning from flavor free vodka to whiskies that taste like something. This might be a very good gateway whiskey for them. Beyond that there is not really many white dog cocktails out there

Bottle: Heavy clear bell or apothecary shaped bottle with  heavy decanter bottom. Simple but tasteful graphics on a paper label ( in this case it has a graphic of a corn cob) and a black synthetic cork with a nicely ridged top make it easy to open. Overall a nicely done if not overly distinctive package.

Other: 100% Organic Corn, farm to bottle

Final Thoughts: A decently done corn whiskey that compares favorably to others out there. Less sweet (drier)than Judds Wreckin Ball Corn Whiskey

Minimal place holder website right now but there is a link to their Facebook page which contains much more information.

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