Bacardi Superior (White)

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The top selling rum in the world- or so they would like everyone to believe.

Notes: The top selling rum in the world- or so they would like everyone to believe. Founded in 1862, Bacardi was an icon of rum for a long time. One of it’s major boosts was American prohibition and Cuba becoming for Americans of the period what Amsterdam is now to Europeans, a place you could indulge in forbidden substances (in this case, alcohol) and do whatever they like within certain bounds.

After the revolution in Cuba, the family fled the island and set up shop in Puerto Rico. One of their iconic brands, Havana Club is now produced in Cuba. In a interesting reversal from all the cigar trademark problems in the US- Where the Cuban government is fighting trademark infringement cases for many of their major brands, Bacardi has been having an ongoing fight over the Havana Club label which is sold everyhwere in the world except the U.S as a Cuban product.

Bacardi offers a variety of rums of various ages and price points along with a long ( and sometimes frightening) list of flavored rums.They include this the white , Gold, Anejo , Havana Club (arguably, see above),and the Solera in the unflavored line and Big Apple, Limón, Coconut, Dragonberry,Grand Melon, O, Peach, Razz, and Mojito in the flavored line. Not to mention various premixed and ready to drink concoctions – some of which actually contain rum others a malt alcohol or none at all depending on the product or in some cases, country.

Appearance: Sparkling clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Edgeline/meniscus slowly develops some tears/droplets legs,then spots or drops of an almost banded appearance. Never seen anything quite like it before.

First Impression: Slightly sweetish, molasses, hints of aftershave type alcohol smells.A fairly vague nondistinct (or distinct in terms of lack thereof) bouquet, with alcohol vapors more than cane or molasses.

Taste: Ugh! Someone is making some pretty wide distilling cuts here. I know Puerto Rican rum is supposed to be a lighter style but I don’t think that means including the fusel oils,and esters that taste like benzene, bannanas and wood alcohol to add flavor to a otherwise vodka like rum. There is also a fair amount of sulfur notes (cheap molasses ?) that gives it a hint diesel smoke, caramel and plastic. Light in body and drying acidic finish with little character and less to reccomend it.

Drinks: Maybe a Bacardi and Coke (Cuba Libre). I mean Coca-Cola will take the paint off a car, so this seems to be a suitable match.

Cigars: A natural wrapper cigar, milder type would work well with it.

Bottle/Packaging: Clear slightly tinted green glass shows off rum nicely. Simple graphics with the iconic bat as a trademark make it easy to spot on a bar or store shelf

Final Thoughts: Cheap in quality, but overpriced for what it is. Very skimpy in the flavor department – and what there is is mostly bad. While their older expressions have some merit (if overpriced for what they are in most cases), this has nothing to reccomend it. Cheap, industrial and just corrosive.

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